Thursday, July 02, 2015

Website Update 2 July 2015

The Uridge, Euridge website was updated today Thursday 2 July 2015.

There are now 2,781 detailed narratives available on the website.

Since the last update, 10 new narratives have been created, and 34 narratives changed.

However, overall in the URIDGE, EURIDGE database there are now 3,879 (28 new) people, including living people. 

This update focuses on the descendants, and their spouses, of George & Frances Uridge née Lane. In 1851, their son Philip and his wife Sarah née Barton, immigrated to America, with six of their children. They settled in Michigan. 

Again, many thanks to Phil Dorland, who has provided a significant amount of information on the URIDGE family, and the associated families of BADDER; De VRIES; FAWCETT; FISHBURNE; GALLEY; GAY; GETZ; GOODSPEED; HATFIELD; JENNINGS; JOY; KOOPMAN; LAPPARD; MOLHOEK; OLIVER; ORGEN; ORLEMAN; REDMAN; RICKARD; THICK; TREMAINE; and WILLIAMS families.
A full list of the recent changes to the narratives is available in the New or Changed Narratives section.