Monday, April 21, 2008

Uridge DNA Project Update April 2008

During the past three months three DNA tests have been received. The results are now available for Robert Gordon Uridge (Chart 6), Owen Fawcett Uridge (Chart 4), and my brother Kelvin Euridge (Chart 1).

Robert is the son of Walter James & Irma Uridge née Bass. He is a descendant of the progenitor John & Rebecca Uridge née Jeff who lived in Buxted, Sussex in the mid 1700s (Chart 6).

Owen is the son of Owen Fawcett Uridge II, who is a descendant of George & Frances Uridge née Lane from Hoo Common, Kent (Chart 4).

Robert and Owen had 34 out 37 matches. This indicates that they have a common ancestor 20-24 generations ago. On the basis of 25 years per generation, this was around 1400 to 1600.

Unfortunately the Euridge DNA did not match, even though the families originated from Kent.

My most sincere thanks to all who participated, and assisted with these tests.

If you are interested in joining this project do contact me, and I will explain the technicalities, costs, and outcome.

Descendants of Philip & Sarah Uridge née Barton

Today I received an e-mail from Ellen Kennedy who lives in Michigan USA. Ellen is a descendant of Philip & Sarah Uridge née Barton, who lived in the Isle of Grain, Kent.

Ellen advised that Philip & Sarah emigrated to Michigan, and lived in Sanilac County, Michigan. Philip died on 30 March 1880 at Delaware Township of pneumonia. Their daughter Sarah (not previously listed in the database) was baptized 12 April 1835 in St. James, Isle of Grain and married James Taylor on 25 Dec 1852 in Wayne County MI. Ellen is a descendant of James & Sarah Taylor née Uridge.

Ellen provided valuable information on this family, in particular from the 1860 & 1870 US Censuses, including the families of William & Mary Uridge who also lived in Delaware Township, Sanilac County, and Philip & Ann Uridge, who lived in Detroit, Wayne County.

This information has been included in the database, and will subsequently updated in the next website update. Most sincere thanks to Ellen for this extensive information.