Thursday, January 29, 2009

Descendants of Thomas & Ann Whiffen née Uridge

This information relates to Chart 1: Descendancy Chart for William & Marie Ewridge née Wickenden who lived in Cowden in Kent.

Calvin Uridge Whiffen, III from San Diego, California wrote today and provided me with a 5-generation tree of the descendants of Thomas & Ann Whiffen née Uridge. Each generation has included the name Uridge as the first, or second name. This has provided the link between a missing generation. In addition Calvin (Cal) has found that Ann was the daughter of John & Sarah Urige née Baul (my own ancestors).

Currently the only information I had was from the Biography from Our County and its People (Oneida, NY) by Daniel Wager 1896.

I will include this information in the Uridge database, and merge the two Anns. Also I will determine our exact relationship. This indeed is a very rare occasion to find a cousin, albeit very distant.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Uridge-Webb-Pye-Baxter Families

Earlier this week I wrote in the blog Philip Uridge, that I received an e-mail from Judith Batt of New Zealand, who helped me extensively research a New Zealand Uridge-related family in 2002. Surprisingly today, I received an e-mail relating to an Australian Uridge-related family I extensively researched in 2001.

This time the e-mail came from a new researcher, James Dalziel, who lives in Sydney Australia.

He wrote:

I am Myrtle Sarah Webb’s great-grandson, via her only daughter Rosa Jean Harper, and Rosa’s daughter Delphine Little, my mum. I’m happy to share any information I have with you that may be of use. In particular, I’ve just scanned all the old family photographs from Rosa (who died a few years back), and these include Myrtle, as well as David William Webb and Ada Pye, plus various other people who look like relatives, so you or some people you know may be interested in this, and able to decipher some of the unknown photos.

This family was extensively researched by Keri Webb, and more information is detailed on the webpage Uridge-Webb-Pye-Baxter Families.

I look forward to including more information and photographs, as offered by James. In the meantime I will put James in contact with Keri.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Uridge Misspellings in Censuses

Judith Batt noticed that there was a lot of misspellings both by the enumerators, and in the transcripts of the censuses. This is probably because Uridge is such a rare name, transcribers invariably have trouble working out what it says.

These include:


So if you don't find your Uridge, Euridge ancestors in the censuses, do try these alternatives.

Many thanks to Judith for compiling these. A list will be compiled in the Variants section.

Philip Uridge

Judith Batt from New Zealand has been in contact with me again. In 2002 & 2003, Judith provided an extensive amount of information on the Uridge Families in New Zealand, including several photographs on the New Zealand Descendants of Pheoby Uridge and Richard Bathurst.

She has started looking at Uridge records again. I welcome this as researching such a unique name has it's downsides as new information does not come up often.

Judith has looked further afield from New Zealand, and is looking at USA census records, and tracing the families of Philip Uridge, also known as James Philip Uridge who went to Michigan.

She writes:

The most interesting family is William Uridge (1830-1898). I believe that he married twice. With his first wife (Marg or Mary born in Canada abt 1836) he had four children

William 1862-1880
Philip Alex 1866-aft 1880
George 1867-aft 1920
Daniel C 1869-aft 1930

His first wife died 1870-1876 and he then married Mary Lappard or
Sappard (on 21 September 1876 in Detroit) and had six children with her

Elizabeth (Schwergert) 1878-aft 1910
Sarah Ann 1879-bet 1880-1900
Willis William 1882-aft 1920
Ethel Barton (Schumacher) 1886-1946
Two other children were born and had died before 1900.

Judith's information will be included in the next website update.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Website Update

You may have noticed that there has not been any website updates for sometime. I have had a technically challenging couple of months! Not only has the website been plagued with a problem with malware, but I have had major problems with my hardware.

I use a desktop when working at home, and a laptop when travelling. Unfortunately in October my desktop went wrong, after several previous malfunctions I decided it was time to have a new desktop. I purchased a new latest technology high specification desktop. This meant I would be using Windows Vista with a 64-bit processor. I tried to install all the software I use for family history, however experienced several problems due to the 64-bit processor. This includes the software used to update the website. I perservered with this time-consuming task. When I was almost finished, the desktop developed a major fault and had to be returned to the manufacturer.

Whilst waiting for the repair to the desktop I used my laptop. Unfortunately one morning I switched on my laptop only to find the harddisk has gone wrong.

Fortunately most of the information is backed up and retrievable. However, it has been a slow process, I trust you understand. Normal service will now be resumed.