Thursday, January 29, 2009

Descendants of Thomas & Ann Whiffen née Uridge

This information relates to Chart 1: Descendancy Chart for William & Marie Ewridge née Wickenden who lived in Cowden in Kent.

Calvin Uridge Whiffen, III from San Diego, California wrote today and provided me with a 5-generation tree of the descendants of Thomas & Ann Whiffen née Uridge. Each generation has included the name Uridge as the first, or second name. This has provided the link between a missing generation. In addition Calvin (Cal) has found that Ann was the daughter of John & Sarah Urige née Baul (my own ancestors).

Currently the only information I had was from the Biography from Our County and its People (Oneida, NY) by Daniel Wager 1896.

I will include this information in the Uridge database, and merge the two Anns. Also I will determine our exact relationship. This indeed is a very rare occasion to find a cousin, albeit very distant.