Saturday, July 22, 2006

The Will of William Uridge

Yesterday, I received in the post a remarkable document from Kathleen Uridge, the daughter of Frank & Daisy Uridge née James.

The document was relating to the will of William Uridge, who named his three brothers John, Richard, and George. The document is a family tree drawn up, to show the descendants of these brothers.

Although William's estate was probated on 1 October 1890, by Frances his widow, the document detailing the family tree is thought to be dated about 1905. It refers to a letter dated July 12th 1905. About this time a (unknown) relation died in New Zealand, as this is referred to in the family narrative of his great-nephew Ernest Albert Uridge.

Kathleen has several other papers in her possession, and has kindly agreed to loan them so that I can scan, or photograph the papers. I am indebted to Kathleen for her willingness to share these documents and the information.

I am currently working through the document, and the information will be included in the next website update (hopefully this weekend).